How to Maintain Your Privacy in Chat Rooms

How to Maintain Your Privacy in Chat Rooms
How to Maintain Your Privacy in Chat Rooms

When you chat online, don’t reveal any of your personal information. It’s possible to keep secrets and maintain privacy while still being authentic and making friends. While you can give out some details, other things are best left private. Also, choose what to keep private about your interactions with other people online.

Your Personal Information

You never want to give out any information that is too identifying. This includes obvious things like your full name and address where someone could find you. It’s also not a good idea to post your real phone number because people can search for that information to find out more about you. Don’t post your exact job or anything where someone with stalker-like tendencies could find you. Of course, you shouldn’t post your financial information like a credit card number, bank account number, or a photo of a credit card or check which has information that people could use against you. Also, don’t post photos that include a license plate of your car or a photo of your ID. People with nefarious desires could use this information to impersonate you or steal your money!

Private Secrets Between Friends

It’s true that in the chat rooms you will probably make some friends. Sometimes they may tell you some secrets in a direct or private message, but it’s best if you keep these between the two of you. These secrets could be something that they think about someone else in the chat or something that is going on in their personal life. If someone has told you something in confidence, it’s best to keep it to yourself. Otherwise, someone’s feelings can be hurt.

Inside Jokes Should Stay Inside

These are a type of joke that only makes sense between two friends. If you develop a few inside jokes with your online friends, it’s best to keep it to yourself and use it in your private communication with that person. That’s because someone’s feelings can get hurt if they feel left out of the conversation. It makes it seem like you are trying to be exclusive and it could be seen as rather rude. It’s just bad chat room behavior.

Don’t Break Your Promises

If someone has shared something with you in confidence and you have promised not to share it, don’t break their confidence. If someone trusts you enough to tell you a secret about them, it could be really hurtful to them if someone else finds out the information.

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