Should You Chat and Drink? (Pros & Cons)

Should You Chat and Drink? (Pros & Cons)
Should You Chat and Drink? (Pros & Cons)

Getting drunk or even just having one drink is fun sometimes. However, there are some things you should definitely not do when you are drunk. Obviously driving or operating machinery is a big no-no. It’s probably best to stay away from talking about anything too serious because you can say something you do not mean. Another thing you should consider is whether or not you should chat while you are drunk.


When you chat online while intoxicated, you are probably in the safety and comfort of your own home. This is a great thing because you won’t be out getting into trouble. You can also have all the things you need to take care of yourself nearby like electrolytes and water, yummy snacks and comfortable places to sit. You can get tipsy in peace and quiet without bothering anyone else. Chatting could be something to do to make being drunk even more fun.


When some people are drunk online, they tend to have behaviors that are not that nice. They are rude, mean, or just start arguments because they can. So, if you are this type of person, you may regret your actions online while drunk. Other people, when drunk, give too much of their personal information. They may feel bad about it the next day. You might also do something that is simply unsafe like giving out your address or personal financial information. Another thing that people may do when drunk is becoming more flirtatious than they want to be. You might do something you regret the next day like sending nudes or having chat sex.

Doing It Responsibly

If you are the type of person who has a drink or two to relax in the evening, then there’s nothing wrong with doing that and chatting. You don’t even need to think twice. However, if you like to get absolutely blasted to the point where you may not even remember what you did the next day, you should probably hold off from chatting and drinking at the same time. If you would drink to the point of forgetting that other people have feelings, then best to avoid it altogether. Don’t ruin your chat room reputation by getting wasted and then being rude to people! If you can be responsible, then drinking and chatting should be OK.

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