3 Benefits of Using a Microphone to Talk Online

3 Benefits of Using a Microphone to Talk Online
3 Benefits of Using a Microphone to Talk Online

When you go into an online chat room you probably want to have fun and fulfilling conversations. Some people like to keep it surface level while others enjoy going deep into philosophical conversations. Whatever type of conversation you like to have, you can chat for hours and hours with anyone you please about any topic that interests you. However, there is a new feature on some chat sites that could be exciting. You can use a microphone to communicate with other people using your normal speaking voice. Sometimes it’s nice to do this rather than typing.

And it’s a convenient option for several reasons…

1. Give Your Hands a Rest

Modern laptops may already have a microphone built into them. Just go to your settings to find out. Using this microphone can be really easy and can give your hands a rest and reduce your risk of getting computer related problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also help your hands to not get tired from typing too much.

Setting up a microphone should be easy. In this day and age, most of the time it is as easy as a site asking for permission to access the microphone. Once you click “OK” it’s all good.

2. Speaking Conveys Emotion

When typing, a lot can get lost in translation. Emojis do help a bit but there is nothing like the sound of a real human voice. You can talk much faster than you can type, for the most part, so your emotions can truly flow from your mouth rather than your fingertips. It can result in a much more natural chatting experience online. Plus, due to the tone in your voice, people will be able to tell what you mean much more than just with typing. This is especially important with nuanced ideas like sarcasm.

3. Hear Your Friends Laugh

One thing that people tend to truly love about online chatting is the fact that you can hear your friends laugh and vice versa. Laughing is something that brings people together and solidifies relationships. Typing ‘LOL’ is a lot different than actually laughing out loud!

What Mic Should You Get?

Basically, any microphone is perfect for chatting online. If your computer doesn’t have an internal option, then you should consider getting an external one. An HD mic is one that will transmit your voice most clearly. That way, everyone will be able to hear what you say. Make connections and start chatting not only by typing but also with your voice!

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